of 1896;

Josef (1896-1984) was born in Munich to a middle-class family of Jewish descent. He attended technical high school from 1912 -1915 and trained as a salesman for an instrument firm and later as a bookkeeper for an insurance firm. He attended Ludwig-Maximillian University in Munich (philosophy and art history, 1914 to 1917) and became active in the Youth Section and later the Pacifist wing of the Social Democratic Party. Breitenbach opened a photographic studio in 1931, but the Nazis forced him to flee to Paris in 1933 where he opened a new studio. He went from there to New York  where he worked for the American press and taught at several schools including Black Mountain College and The New School for Social Research. Through the 50s and 60s he did reportage in Asia for the United Nations and other varied businesses. He exhibited extensively in Europe in the 1930s (especially in Paris and London) and in the United States from the 40s to the mid-60s, including the Musuem of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

These are three very beautiful photographs taken by sir Josef Breitenbach of Munich, Germany.

Josef Breitenbach, Title: Fred Endrikat, Munich - click on image to enlarge

Josef Breitenbach, Title: Fred Endrikat, Munich - click on image to enlarge

Josef Breitenbach, Title: Photogram, New York - click on image to enlarge


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of 1918;

i was looking for some interesting photographers online today–just randomly searching for something that caught my eye. i happened to come across Helen Levitt, a female photographer of 1918. I find her inspiring.

she was born in New York City, began her career in photography at age 18 while working in a portrait studio in the Bronx. there she acquired technical prowess but the inspiration to make images came through a consumption of art and photography exhibits, theater performances and films. While other photographers of the 1930s were documenting social injustice around the country and the world, Levitt chose to devote a long career to a place and people just blocks away: the children of the New York neighborhoods. Her photographs reveal the subtle expressions and gestures of adults engaged in conversation and children at play in curious and imaginative ways. Levitt is often referred to as “one of the great living poets of urban life.” Her photographs are collected by most major museums world wide and she continues to live and work in New York.

(even though by now she’s probably like 90 something…maybe she’s the spunky type)

Helen Levitt, Title: New York - click on image to enlarge

Helen Levitt, Title: New York - click on image to enlarge

Helen Levitt, Title: New York - click on image to enlarge

Helen Levitt, Title: New York - click on image to enlarge

Helen Levitt, Title: New York - click on image to enlarge

these are just a few of hers that i could find. i like them. doesn’t it make you feel like you’re in the picture? or like you’re involved with these people? it makes me feel like i’m time travelling!

i know i’m a dork, but it’s TRUE.

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some of my old stuff…











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staple it together !

me! (and my terrifically radical wolf shirt)

g’day, mates!

well, today was a sort of boring, elongated, same old same old kind of day. It seemed to drag on forever. if only i could appreciate how long my days feel, because time is useful! BUT school is something of an obstruction in my way. I know, i know… school is essential. school is necessary and gets you places. yes. well, maybe. but GOSH. i’m practically having a nervous break down over here. the class i mentioned in my previous post is the one i’m going to rant about today too. AMERICAN FRIGGEN HISTORY. yup. and it sucks. nothing i do seems to be right. i can never get my teacher to say, “yeah, janna you got it. right answer. bing bing bing.” it’s always me asking ever so politely ,”is what i wrote correct?” or something to that extent… and instead of my teacher kindly trying to help me like he’s SUPPOSED TO DO he makes a remark, with snide tone to it, or shakes his head (meaning “no, janna”) with a ridiculous”you’re so stupid” look on his face. and OH MAN…do i ever hope he doesn’t have a blog.

i’m frustrated about that class to the point where i feel nauseated whenever i think about it. when i wake up in the morning, i dread my school day because of that class. nothing i do is right, yet i study, i try my best, and i’m confident after doing my homework that i got it good, and i did it right. but no. NO. NONONONO. BLAHHHH. i actually got the shakes today while i was sitting in class. i felt nervous and anxious. while i was doing my history homework i got tears in my eyes just thinking about taking it to the teacher and him telling me it’s all wrong again. this is my second time doing this same assignment, and while i got all my information from our text book, it still happens to be wrong. i don’t know. maybe he doesn’t like me. but PAHHHH..it’s just so bad. i booked a guidance appointment twice now, just BEGGING my councellor to let me drop the course. i begged. with my hands clasped and me sitting on the edge of my chair leaning forward literally saying, “please, oh please oh please let me drop this class. please please please ( X infinity ) but guidance councellors think they know everything. they might know a lot. but i’m going to fail this class, it’s going to be on my record. HOW AM I GOING TO GET INTO COLLEGE? yeah. well, maybe i’ll just live in a trailer park instead. all because of this stupid history class.

no, i’m convinced that won’t happen. but i am simply distraught and i really don’t like american history. and i know it’s “wise” to take history because then it won’t “repeat itself” how many times have i heard that one?? well, honestly i don’t think i’m going to be in politics, i don’t think i’m going to find myself in some war against france. i can’t relate this history to any aspects of my life. what good is it? and besides, there’s people in that class that can watch out for the repitition of history for me. why do i have to do it? i can do other things, and whoever is interested can do the whole history business. whatever.

i should just be thankful for school, and feel blessed that i can learn. i am thankful for school. i love my other classes! 🙂 STINKIN history.

soooo…the majority of my day was fine. not much happened. i have this friend, though, and we kind of stopped talking. i wonder if i did something to make him mad. i don’t know what it would be, but who knows!? there’s always something.

i was talking to my friends Brittany and Victoria today about how teenagers have a lot of stress in highschool and there’s constantly things coming at us. it’s so true. there’s hormones and emotions, we don’t know what to do with them. there’s family life, and so many teens have it rough in that area. it’s heartbreaking and totally disgusting the way people raise their kids. then there’s the social stuff. soooo much there. people my age shouldn’t all be crammed into one big building. there’s raging emotions and estrogen flying around. it’s wierd. THEN, there’s the actual schooling part. FLIP! the cirriculum is like university level 20 years ago. there’s a LOT to cover, and not everyone learns the same way. everyone’s different. there’s so much pressure to learn certain things, and there’s so many ways of approaching one thing…it’s just AHH!!!! then there’s just personal stuff. dealing with things that not everyone deals with. but then again, i think everyone’s connected. everyone deals with things, not everyone the same things, but there’s always more than one person with the same issue, or similar issue. it’s just a matter of relating to each other.

but life as a teenager isn’t very glamourous. i’m just extremely excited to get out of school. it’s a hell hole in my opinion.

i really didnt have a life today. kinda just floated through the halls, didnt talk much to people, and didnt really feel. except when history came along, i raged. ..that’s besides the point. i was just kind of a blob today, BUT i began a new diet. not a DIET DIET, but a healthy way of eating. i dont generally eat healthily, but now, i do. officially. starting today. i drank 9 big glasses of water. i had a salad for lunch, and after school i have an apple and an orange, and at dinner and cut my portions in half. YAY! it feels so good. now i need to keep it up and excercise. i’m hoping to walk after school as much as possible. this year is dedicated to personal growth. no dating, minimal drama, reading my bible is key, staying healthy, eating right, learning about myself, and what i’m really like in every situation, and letting God work in me, and influencing me, rather than my peers at school. i’m sticking with my good, amazing christian girlfriends who always have my back and are encouraging and just…awesome. and my family who i cannot imagine life without.


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today, during a powerpoint presentation in my american history class, i , for a strange reason, became overwhelmingly frustrated with the contriversial topics upon which people argue and debate about on a daily basis…such as abortion, homosexuality, racism, religion. the list goes on. i became angry, actually.

sometimes i just wonder why people are so blindfolded to the truth. instant gratification and the want (or the need) to avoid certain conflicts that come with the things we deal with is what brings people to the realization that though they might stand for these things, (abortion, homosexuality, racism, etc…) they are hiding, or attempting to hide, the idealism that they once had, or once had the chance of having. and in doing this, growing fearful and cold toward any oppurtune moments to find love, or to find REALity, and also grow hateful toward the people who have real love, or have true happiness which by the way, doesn’t come out of nowhere.

disappointingly, this doesn’t even make sense, really. i was just frustrated today, and while it all makes sense in my head, getting it down on paper, or in this case, internet, is harder for me than it probably should be. sometimes things are better left unsaid i guess…i don’t know. sometimes i think more than i should…other times…well, i don’t think much at all. hah 🙂

other than that brief moment of frustration, my day was okay. i’ve been sick for the last couple of days, with the flu, and i’m still not quite well yet, but i’m getting there. i tried to avoid conversation with people as much as possible today. i have to strain my voice which is relatively painful, and in addition to the pain, my head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton balls. which is great.

it’s great for more than one reason, too…i had to do an english presentation today. i’m guessing the class didn’t hear what i said. i couldn’t really hear what i said. and my project SUCKED. which…sucks. mmmm… lovin the illness, baby.

suprisingly, nothing embarrassing happened today. ANNND i haven’t been posting anything…pretty much ever since i started up this blog thing. BUT i’m going to make an attempt to continue posting…on a weekly, or, hopefully daily basis, but we’ll see. as you get to know me, and read about me..you’ll realize that almost everyday i have something embarrassing to share with the world. something always happens to me. (ie. falling down the stairs at school, dropping a box of o.b. tampons in the hall RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GUY I HAD A MAJOR CRUSH ON AT THE TIME…and they happen to scatter everywhere (i’m pretty sure i peed my pants (not literally) ), getting my sleeve caught on the door handle resulting in a head butt with some random guy, having my skirt fly up in the wind where everyone was standingat lunch break…. yeahhhh…oh, there is PLENTY more where that came from.

you’ll see.

NOTHING today! hah! finally… although, the day isn’t over yet and mhmm there just might be something coming for me. who knows?

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waking up to the ongoing peircing sound of a chainsaw sawing something nearby in the once quiet neighbourhood isn’t exactly a great feeling. as soon as i get up out of bed, it happens to stop. just great. so, now i’m awake. and there’s some wierd thumping against my house, from the site down the street. pretty annoying, but what can ya do? i feel full of ambition. i’m going to do something fun today, and hopefully something i have never done before. i want to be excited about something! …but what?

well, i’m gonna start with going out for breakfast with my trusty sidekick, susie, to a place i’ve only been to twice. compromising a little bit, but i’ve only been twice. almost never.

“oh” said the widow when she cries “nobody knows when i cry.”

“oh” said the birds when they’re flying above “you better follow your dreams”

“oh” said the trees reaching for the sky, “everything falls from somewhere.”

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oh today. i woke up at appx. 9:34, and didn’t really do much with myself. rolled out of bed and got onto the computer. man, i haven’t had a day like this is a while. feels good.

but now comes my desperate need for sanitation, so i am going to have a nice hot shower. mmm mmmm good. 😉

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